JUNIOR MESSAGE OF THE WEEK: Happy But Never Satisfied

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do Junior Message of the Week happy but never satisfiedThis week’s junior message of the week is; Happy But Never Satisfied

This means that you can be happy for what you have accomplished but you are always striving to better yourself. If you get 90% on a test at school, you should be proud of yourself but strive for that 91% or higher on the next test. If you become content with where you are, you will stop growing. WHen you stop growing you start to slide backwards because you can’t stand still in one spot.

One should always that the time to celebrate the things we have accomplished, done, earned, and etc,. There is no point in doing them if you can’t take a moment to feel good about it. Take your moment to feel good, then plan how you can do better or move on to the next big thing you got your eyes on.

Also always be happy with what you got because others might have less. You also must never compare yourself to others as this will rob you of happiness. Life is not about getting ahead of someone else. Life is about ever improving yourself and your situations. Walk your own path and not follow the paths of others.

Be Happy with what you have and what you have done but never be satisfied unless you have accomplished everything you wish to do so.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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