ADULT MESSAGE OF THE WEEK: Keep Your Emotions In Check

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do adult message of the week keep your emotions in checkThis week’s Adult message of the week is; Keep Your Emotions In Check

There is times when we can allow our emotions to run loose and times when we must control them. There is a balance that we must find within ourselves.

There are times when it is right for us to show our emotions freely and times which we must be conservative with them. Times like being at work we have to be in control and never lash out at others or get too emotionally involved. If you are in a competition and you win it is okay to be extremely happy and excited providing you aren’t a jerk towards the non winning players. It’s okay to be angry at others or yourself as long as you don’t lose control. Use your words to make the situations better not worse.

The balance comes from learning when to let your emotions fly high or soar low. Take each given situation for what it is and go by how others are behaving as well as how you would like to behave and what impressions you want to give others. Think about what is most appropriate for that moment of time and go by that. If you don’t know what is appropriate, watch others who seem to come off with such grace and model yourself after that. And when in doubt, fake it until it becomes real.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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