What I think is an ideal Taekwondo/Martial Arts class should be line:

  • Formal bowing in and polite greetings amongst the teachers and students
  • A thorough but fun and energizing warm up consisting of cardio, callisthenics, and basic techniques
  • A proper stretch to increase the students flexibility and to help prevent injuries from occurring
  • A specific amount of time to work on the curriculum as well as any fun drills
  • Life skills and Character Development discussions
  • Formal bowing out of class and closing comments

Each class should consist of SSL. Sweat, Smiles, and Learning

Also an ideal class is where everyone works together without fear of injuries. All partners should work together for the sole purpose of making each other better. Injuries should be to the bare minimum as each person is looking out for the safety of one another.

My ideal class is one of peace and growth. Where one can come to learn, make friends, get in shape, have fun, and forget all their troubles from outside the dojang.

The dojang and class should be a place where each person is respectful and kind to one another. The world does not need another punch or kick thrown but rather more open hands to help each other in need.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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