Deflecting Negative Energy

This blog entry was partially inspired by a facebook post I read earlier today(yesterday for you) written by Dave Kovar. A brilliant Master Martial Arts Instructor and Martial Artist. His post was about how he deflects negative energy. He went into a few examples of this and it got me to thinking about what he said and about my own views and experiences with negative energy and negative people. So after much thought as you all know I tend to think a lot on various topics, I thought I would write a little something on this topic.

In everyday life we run into various situations, people, and environments that are positive, negative, and neutral. We obviously want to only deal with the positive or at the bare minimum the neutral but we also tend to run into the negatives as well. It is just how things work out. But the good news is we can do things to help deflect some of this negative energy away from us.

For starters we can look to avoid going to places that have negative environments. Is there certain neighbourhoods, parks, bars, public places, and etc,. that negative stuff allows seems to happen because they attract people what cause the negative things to happen. If you know that such and such place is not a good place for you to be hanging out in, why would you go to that place? You can deflect some negative energy by avoiding places that breed the not so good energy.

Another things you can do is to try to avoid negative people. I know this is easier said than done. Sometimes you can’t avoid them based on your work, and etc,. However you can minimize your interaction with those people. There is people out there that seem to always have problems/issues with their jobs, their friends, their co-workers, their children, their children’s friends, other parents, teachers/instructors, the government, and so on and so forth. We all have days where we are off and not our upbeat selves. That is perfectly natural but wasting your time on those that make everyday negative for themselves and others is a waste of time. Avoid dealing with them. If you must, keep it to a bare minimum and don’t give them a second thought.

I, unfortunately am a little slow when it comes to this last one. I tend to give people a second, third, fourth and more chances than some people deserve. I let some people carry on with their negativity for some time before it starts to bother me. But over the past year or so I have really tried to focus on the positive stuff that is going on. I tried to avoid the negatives. I focused on trying to create positives. How can I help others? That is my focus. Also through self reflection I see that most of the people who were extremely negative in my personal or professional life did not last long around me. Too much conflict between my agenda of trying to create positive and helping others versus their negative attitudes. I also see that everyone including myself has their off days and moments but it is what you do with those off moments that count. You can dwell on the negatives or you can focus on finding the positives. If there is no positives, how can you create the positives? If that cannot be done, how can you walk away with minimal damage done?

To deflect negative energy, try to avoid negative people, negative situations, not so good environments, and dwelling on the negatives. You have for the most part the power to choose what you do and how you deal with any given situation/person. You can decide whether you focus on the negatives or the positives. It is up to you to create positives in your life.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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