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As most of you know I am a world champion and world record holder in Competitive Breaking with the USBA/WBA(United States and World Breaking Association) and the ISKA(International Sport Karate Association). Mainly with the USBA/WBA. I love competitive breaking for various reasons.

  1. It allows you to hit breaking materials such as wooden boards and concrete as hard as you can
  2. It allows you to test the full effectiveness of your technique without hurting anyone else
  3. It gives you instant feedback on how well you perform your strikes
  4. It helps build self confidence
  5. Improves your accuracy
  6. It improves your speed
  7. It allows you to harden your bones and strengthen your muscles for a longer healthier life
  8. It teaches you 100% focus
  9. It teaches you to push beyond your limits and always challenges you
  10. It gives you a good sense of whether or not you can use your strikes effectively to defend yourself against an attacker
  11. It teaches you to develop your speed
  12. and so many other things….

Being a competitive breaker with the USBA/WBA is pretty cool. There is many tournaments one can attend each year. Our Team Wolverine mainly does the US OPEn each year in Orlando Florida and is slowly expanding the amount of tournaments we go to each year like the Florida Regionals, Indiana Regionals, North Eastern Regionals, Hall of Fame Tournament, and the WBA World Championships. Our team will be competing in a few weeks in Norwich Connecticut at the Hall of Fame Tournament.

Competing at USBA/WBA tournaments allow you to test your skills in a variety of ways through many different breaking divisions such as:

  • Power Wood Divisions for Hand, Elbow, and Kick Strikes
  • Power Concrete Divisions for Hand, Elbow, and Kick Strikes
  • Unspaced Power Wood for Hand, Elbow, and Kick Strikes
  • Speed Breaking
  • Extreme Kicks
  • High Jump Kick
  • Creative Wood Breaking
  • Creative Open Breaking

Lots of different options for different people to test out their strengths and interests.

So that is a little on why I like competitive breaking.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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