This world has many heroes.

Some are the armed forces, police, firefighters, EMTs, social workers, and etc,. A lot of these people do great things to help out others. Most of the have their hearts in the right place. Some don’t. But the one goods will think of others before themselves. They face challenges that many of us may never. The ones goods are considered heroes but these aren’t the heroes I am talking about.

No, the heroes I am talking about are those that we may not think as heroes. I am talking about the people who have many struggles in their lives but they keep moving forward. I am talking about those that are willing to do anything to keep others safe and happy in spite of their own suffering. These people work really hard to provide for others. They never ask for anything in return. They have their own personal struggles but they are the first ones to help others over their own needs.

I am talking about people that you already know in your daily lives. You may know who I am talking about or you may not know these people in your lives. But if you do know these people, take a few minutes to appreciate the struggles they go through and their spirit to keep moving forward. Be inspired by their empathy to help others first. Maybe even let them know how special they are.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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