snow-2Living in Canada we have to put up with lots of snow during our winter month and sometimes the fall and spring months as well. It makes traveling to and from our destinations a little more difficult than usual. That is just the way it is here.

However snow should be looked at as an obstacle not a dead end street. Providing the roads aren’t too dangerous to bare we can get to one place to the other with a little more care and persistence. We have to carefully plan for these snow days and take great care for our safety.

But we won’t let the snow stop us from getting to work, getting to school, going to do our workouts, going out and having fun, and etc,. Life throws many obstacles at us in many different forms and we must always overcome these obstacles if we choose to grow and live our lives. Not allowing mere obstacles to dictate what we do. We shall conquer the snow and all the obstacles we face.

Master Jonathan field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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