I’m in competition with……

No One.

I have no desire to try to keep up with anyone. I have no motivation to be in competition with anyone or anything.

I would rather focus on competing against myself. How can I beat my previous self? How can I be better than I was yesterday? How can I be better than the last time I competed. How can I make each business year better than the last? How can I improve all aspects of my life?

Yes I am a competitive martial arts with the USBA/WBA and yes I do have to compete against other people however I look at competition as a challenge. I see it as an avenue to improve my technique. I am not looking to beat anyone specifically. I go to try to win. Whoever I beat, I beat. If I don’t win then I look at how I did compared to previous competitions. Am I breaking more or has my technique improved? I am happy if I am making improvement when I don’t win. Not satisfied but happy.

My focus is the competition within as true competition is internal.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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