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Well I am back to my normal routine now after the holidays. I was going to do some blogging during the holidays but my iMac crashed so I had very little internet time. I needed up going out and having to replace it with a new one. This started out my New Year with a challenge since I lost a lot of files and I have to have them retrieved off the old computer. So I will be working off my normal routines for the next few weeks. Some people would look at this as a negative thing. I am going to look at it as something neutral. It happened. Nothing I can do about it. Getting mad won’t solve anything. I simply have to move forward and be patient until I get my old files back. I won’t let this dictate the rest of my year.

Just like most of you should never allow one thing to dictate another. For example let’s say you start off your day “badly”. This does not mean you should write your whole day off. The start is just one part of your day. You have the choices to make it better. This goes for your days, weeks, months, years, and etc,. You have to maintain a positive attitude and not allow little down falls to control the rest of your experiences. See them as mini challenges that you will overcome and move forward. Everything always seems to work themselves out.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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  1. I’m back too!!! To Everyone who has helped me start along the path in TKD; Your work was Not in vain.

    Took a month off to get my Life Stuff in order, but as of tonight, I will be back in class… AND 5-Weeks smoke free!

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