Good Morning

How often do you consciously look for the good in almost every situation or person you encounter? I personally know some of you do this all the time. Others not so much. It can be really hard trying to find the good in everything. Especially when somethings just seem so bad. It definitely takes a lot of practice and mindfulness. You have to make it a habit of looking at each situation or person and finding that one good thing. Some people do this naturally. They are very good at it. They to me are inspiring. They are very strong inside. i have made it a habit of looking for the good that maybe no one else can see.

For example, let’s say a certain situation did not turn out the way you imagined it would. The outcome now has put you on a different path than you thought you would be on. You first reaction is to see this as a negative because this is not what you were thinking would happen. But if you stop for a moment and clearly look at what the outcome is and where it could take you you might see that this is a good thing. New opportunities ahead of you. You might meet new people. Go further than the original path you were on.

Another example would be meeting someone for the first time and they didn’t quite make the best first impression. You might thing poorly of them without really getting to know them. Who they really are. What they have been through. What their life is like now. Maybe they seem a little on the rough side. But if you take a few moments to get to know the person you can fid something good and go from there.

So try to make it a daily habit of looking for the good.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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