Martial Arts is all about education. Not the classical way in the classroom where you sit at a desk and listen to a teacher or professor lecture or teach. But yes at one point in history it was. For example countries like Japan, China, and Korea that have a rich history of martial arts and a long standing of culture. These countries in the past taught math, physics, chemistry, culture, mannerism, history, geography, and etc along side the teachings of their martial arts. Higher class citizens were taught the martial arts for self defense and warfare along side so many hours of formal education in their classrooms that lower class citizens would not receive. Martial Artists were well educated and cultured people. Even today this still exist in certain parts of these countries.

Nowadays, especially in the Western countries this is not so much. We have formal educational systems, school boards, colleges, and universities that we rely on for our education. And this is a good thing, don’t get me wrong. Then Martial Arts is a second thought to most. Some take up the martial arts and others don’t. Some take up martial arts for sport, others for self defines, and others for physical fitness. Even valuable life skills such as courtesy, perseverance, integrity, loyalty, self control, and so forth is seek by parents and adult students alike.

A good Martial Arts Instructor and their school will teach the art of their style, self defines, physical fitness, self confidence, self respect, respect for others, integrity, courtesy, self control, perseverance, loyalty, team work, leadership, charity, and many other life skills and mannerism. Martial Arts also teaches about who you are. martial Arts is a link to all other subjects that you could possibly learn from.

For me the Martial Arts has done all the above for me and much much more. Since I am a career Martial Artist. I live and breath martial arts. My chosen path in life has allowed me to learn so much more outside of the martial arts. Because martial arts is a huge topic in itself that can take many life times to master and fully learn and covers so many topics that I am lucky to explore many things. Because of my breaking career I get to explore and learn about physics  Because I need to stay fit I study a lot about exercising, nutrition, body movements, and etc,. Martial Arts has a great history from country to country so I get to study history there and I reach out and explore our areas of history. Being business I also get to explore various aspects of business from marketing to accounting, to public relations and etc,. Martial Arts allows me to travel so I get to meet new people and learn about their experiences and insights on various topics of interest. Teaching the martial arts allowing me to learn how people interact with each other and how they deal with various situations and how they overcome various emotions like anger, excitement, joy, pain, and so forth. And I can go on and on.

If one allows it, Martial Arts can be an avenue to continuous learning throughtout ones’ lifetime. The vast knowledge the martial arts can provide an individual directly and indirectly is limitless. One must be open to the ideas and experiences that can come from this kind of education. This kind of education allows you to learn what you are interested in and learn what you feel is relevant to your life.

I am a life long learner and I would not have it any other way.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do


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