Are you a lifter or a put downer?

Are you a person who helps lift people up or are you a person that puts people down?

We all have our moments but to the greater part do you spend your time helping others out? Are you doing your part to make this world a little better? Or are you contributing to the negatives vibes?

I think that if we all just took a few moments a day to help others out that our community would be a better place.

If each one of us took a moment or two to lift up someone else that may be down and out things would be better.

We all have moments in our lives that we feel down. But we always seem to feel a lot better when someone comes along and helps lift our mood.

It doesn’t take much to lift others up. Just a few moments of your time and a little caring.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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