Well today is the last day of being 31.  So I guess I better make today a good one. I got lots to get done for the academy, for some projects I am doing, and in my personal life. Then I can relax and enjoy.

I think we all should treat each day like it’s the last day of being 31, or 20, or 50, or whatever age you are at. We all should work hard to get done what needs to be done and what we want to get done. Then we should relax and enjoy all our hard work, friendships, family, relationships, and all the things we love.

Life is full of handwork but you also have to take the time to enjoy it. We are only here for a short about of time so we need to make it worthwhile. Get all you can out of life.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

parents night out valentines day

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