Whether you win or lose, does not not really matter.

No one is keeping track or recording stats on you.

And if they are, that is their concern not yours. You should be flattered that they are showing that must interest in you.

But no, what really matters is the effort you put forth. Did you give it your all, your 100%?!

It’s the fact that you are willing to try and risk failure which is more important. Putting yourself on the line and out there for all to see.

Your spirit grows as you challenge yourself against your own self doubts.Rise above what you believe is impossible and make it possible.

One is not measured by how successful they are against others but by how successful they have become against themselves.

Life is not a scoreboard of wins and loses. Life is too short to care about silly things like that.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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