Stealing from others is wrong. When you take others’ physical possessions, money, food, ideas, and etc is wrong.

Now we are not talking about cases where someone is in an extreme situation where perhaps stealing some food would ensure their survival or that of others. Cases in which they truly do not have any other means of survival.

No, we are talking about when an average person who is blessed with everyday things most of us take for grated steals.

See, when you steal from others you are doing them wrong but you are doing more wrong to yourself. You are depriving yourself of the satisfaction of a job well done, that good feeling of accomplishment, the sense of achievement, the feeling of creativity flowing through your veins, and so forth.

You are stealing this from yourself and so much more. This world is not about how much you have but rather how much of a good person you are. What you give to others. How you contribute to the community. It’s about how we all can give to each other and ourselves in a way that allows us to live within our means but still give beyond the physical sense.

A person of very little possessions can actually give more than a person who seems to have everything.

A person who steals from others and themselves does not have the ability to give fully unless they learn that what they are doing is more harmful to themselves than that of others.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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