When creating something big or huge even, it’s the small details that makes it that way.

When you have a big idea to do something but it seems so big that you cannot figure out how you are going to accomplish it, just focus on the small details.

Reverse engineer your ideas and goals. Meaning you come up with the ice and then work backwards from it. You already need to know the end results before you can create the steps to get there.

You may not even know where to get started. By focusing on the small details and small steps the end results will grow closer.

When building a huge shy scraper for example. They first come up with a design or drawing of what they want the building to look like from the outside. Then they draw what they think it should look like on the inside. From there they start working on blueprints. Once they get that done they start planning all the different workers and engineers, inspectors, permits, and etc,. Once they start building each person or team has their own small details to work on. If each team/person gets done their small parts the whole building gets done.

Now with this example, the smallest details could come done to how many nails need to be put in each place. If they missed a few nails it could be a big error. Even though a single nail is pretty darn small compared to the sky scraper itself, it is still essential for the success of the building.

Take the time to focus on each small detail and the big picture will look after itself.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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