Good Morning

Does your morning routine set your day up for success and stress free for the most part or does it set your day up for chaos?

Your morning routine helps sets the tone foe the rest of your day. You have the power to start your day anyway you want it to be. The question is how do you want your day to start and continue for the rest of the day?

My morning routine goes something like this

  • Wake up and go to washroom
  • Grab my protein shake and start working out
  • Finish working out and finish protein shake
  • Post something inspirational on social media
  • Post something I am grateful for on social media
  • Have a shower and get dressed
  • Eat my breakfast and brush my teeth
  • Arrive at work by 7:00am or a few minutes after
  • Write a blog and post it
  • and etc

To the most part I can do this routine 6 days a eek without little disruption if any at all. I have carefully designed this routine for many years and it seems to work for me. I get stuff done that needs to get done. I wake up motivated. I keep myself in shape. I feed myself good foods. I try to spread a little motivation and inspiration in the morning as well.

If you current morning routine doesn’t quite work for you or it could be better, what are the changes you can make to make this happen?

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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