You are being watched. I am being watched. Your neighbour down the street is being watched. We all are being watched.

Sounds like I am being paranoid right? Well I am not. We are all being watched by the children. Your children, your friends’ children, the children in your family, the children of your community, and etc,.

How we act and behave will be seen. How we carry ourselves has an effect on how future generations will act.

The children of today will do one of the following.

  • Will like what you do and do the same. This can be good or bad.
  • Will dislike what you do and won’t do the same. Can be good or bad as well.
  • Will like what you do but decide not to follow. Again can be good or bad.
  • Will dislike what you do and not follow. Once again this can go either way.

To a certain point we cannot control how they see us and whether they choose to follow or not but we can certainly try to set the best examples we can. We can try to teach them the right lessons, allow them to make some mistakes, set the straight when they need it, and be honest with them.

We cannot complain about the next generations’ conduct if we aren’t the ones showing them a better way.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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