Good Morning

How is your week going to be? I hope the answer is a good one. You have the power to make this week and any other week a good one. Regardless of what may come at you, you can still decide to make it a good week. Little bumps along the way shouldn’t make your week anything but good or even great. It is all about your attitude and how you perceive challenges. Yes they can add a little extra stress you may not want but when you look at the big picture how bad is it really? Probably not that bad at all. Probably not even worth worrying about. You are going to make it something good. It is strictly up to you to decide and not up to anyone else. No one else should have the power to control your good week. Focus on each day and keep it positive. Make it a good day every day so that the week will be taken care of one day at a time. The day all be taken care of one moment at a time. Your week is made up of good moments. Make each one count.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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