Good Morning

This weekend at the 2015 USBA/WBA Hall Of Fame Banquet and Tournament, we are doing a tribute to the late Grandmaster Elton Trower who passed away a few months ago at the age of 79. We are going to honour the life of a man and martial artist like no one has ever seen before. So I thought I would share with you a video from one of his demonstrations from the Arnold Festival from 2011. You will notice the strength and power he has in his hands and especially in his fingers to be able to do the things he does in this video. Such a powerful but gentle man. He has inspired many martial artists. Me being one of whom he has inspired. For this I am going to be setting a new world record of breaking boards with the tips of my fingers at the HOF tournament. A world record inspired by Grandmaster Trower. Please enjoy the video.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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