Good Morning

Well if you happen to look outside this morning, you may have noticed some white stuff on the ground called SNOW!

You know… the stuff you have to shovel before you can get in your car and drive to work or where ever you have to go. The white stuff you have to brush off your car so you can see where you are going. The stuff that makes the roads slippery and hard to drive on.

That is just a matter of fact and there is nothing you can do about it if you live where it snows. No matter how much complaining you do the snow will not simply go away. The driveways won’t magically shovel themselves and the roads won’t be super easy to drive on. But what you can choose to do is have a good attitude about it.

Complaining and having a negative attitude does not help or solve anything. It does not make the situation better. Actually it makes things worse. It makes poor situations feel like bad ones. It puts other people in bad moods. It can cause negative things to happen.

We may not be able to control the snow but we can control our attitudes about the snow. We can decide that it is the way it is and we can decide to make things better. We can choose an attitude of gratitude. We can decide to make the best of every situation. We can choose to be in a good mood versus a poor mood.

The snow should not stop us from living our lives in a positive way. Don’t let the snow make us a little frosty.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae kwon Do


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