Good Morning

And yes it is a good morning because I am feeling good spite being busy all day with various tasks such as teaching, training, office work, meetings, intros, orders, and so forth. You would think i would be tired putting in 14 hour work days and training at 5:30am but I am not. I got energy.

I have more energy nowadays because I have adjusted my habits once again to better suit my lifestyle and goals. I have really hard hard on making sure my nutrition is topnotch. Always a work in process and slowly getting better all the time. I have recently adjusted some of my sleeping patterns to get the most out of my sleep which makes a big difference. I have started up practicing meditation again. I have been off and on with meditation for years but have committed to a daily meditation practice. I am monitoring my daily feedback in order to improve my meditation techniques. I also have adjusted my training routines to better improve myself towards my goals and to allow my body and mind to rest for better recovery.

All of this is just small like things that I change over time so that they become positive habits that help me live a better life. Anyone that is interested in discussing any of this, feel free to ask away.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do


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