Don’t take every aspect of your life too seriously.

You need to have lots of moments where you are having tun and enjoying life too!

Life is about having a balance of being serious and doing what you have to do to get the things done that need to be completed. Then you have to balance it with having fun and enjoying the things and people you love. Enjoying all the experiences you have.

There is going to be times when you have to be absolutely serious and or you may experience pain and sadness. It is just the way it is. However these moments in time should allow you to enjoy the times of joy and happiness.

The little things can cause either sadness or happiness. It is kind of up to you to choose which one you wish to experience.

Enjoying life is something that you must decide from within. Ultimately no outside factor should have power over you to choose what you want to feel up to a certain point obviously.

But really… Just don’t take life too serious when there is no need to. Enjoy life!

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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