Good Morning

I have a challenge for you. Go one day spending all your time thinking how a negative person would think. Only think about how a negative person would think and act in every situation. Please don’t actually do any negative actions or be rude to anyone but please do think how a negative person would. At the end of the day reflect on how you feel. How would you feel if you actually lived your life like that? How would other people react to you? What would the overall quality of your life be like?

Now spend the next day living the life of a positive person. Imagine the most positive people you know personally or even people that you don’t know personally but are super positive. Go about your day acting like these positive people. Feel what it feels like. Pay attention to how people around you react/act. ¬†Imagine how good the quality of life you would have it you were like these positive people. At the end of the day reflect on how you felt about the positive day versus the negative day. Which day made you feel better? What day do you want to repeat over and over again?

I believe if you actually did this little exercise that you would be choosing to live out day two for the rest of your days. It’s just a better path to follow. But I could be wrong. Maybe living negatively is the way to go?!

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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