We live in an age where we can pretty much learn whatever we want.

Modern technology as well as some old technology allows us to gain access to all kinds of information for all over the world. Information from the present time to back in ancient times.

Old technology such as books filled with all kinds of information, stories, data, history, and so forth. Words that were spoken thousands of years ago to words spoken only a few moments ago.

New technology like television, radio, telephone, texting, emailing, internet, and so forth. We now have access to pretty much anyone on the planet that we want to get a hold of if that person is of interest and makes themselves available. We can read, listen, watch, and see pretty much anything we are interested in. No longer do we live in times where certain pieces of knowledge was kept secret or had to be learn one on one.

We have so much valuable information at our fingertips. Some people tai advantage of this to make themselves and the world a better place. Others use the information for the other reasons. And then there is those that don’t use it at all.

We are lucky to have this kind of knowledge and the access to it pretty freely.

How do you use what we have?

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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