Who here reading this blog has a cup of coffee on their way to work in the morning? Or perhaps a few cups to several cups of coffee every day from your favourite coffee stop or shop?

Do you realize that a few lower end cost coffees a day is probably setting you back about $3-$4 daily at a minimum? That is about $90-$120 minimum per month of coffee.

Now if you are a smoker and you smoke one half pack of cigarettes a day, that would cost you around $6. Over a month you would be spending around $180 a month.

Now I am not saying either one of these is good or bad for you. Just pointing out the cost of what you are spending so when you say I cannot afford this or I can’t afford that, you can see where some of your money goes that you probably do not think of.

Now let’s say that you wanted to do something good for yourself like taking a Taekwondo or Martial Arts class for example. If you are able to spend money on coffee or cigarettes each month then you are able to afford something that would truly add some value to your life.

Or you could also spend that money on eating healthier foods and getting rid of the crap foods you do not need.

I see it like this. Money is energy since we can not own it. Energy comes to us and it goes. We can choose how we spend some of this energy. So we can choose not to put energy in one area of our life and put it into the other areas that would be good for us.

I may be a little biased here however I do believe two of the best things you can do is eat healthy and do / join a martial arts program like taekwondo because of the fitness, health, self defense, learning, and confidence building aspects. Anyone can do it and you can’t hardly afford not to do it.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do


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