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I posted this on my Facebook account yesterday as it was on my mind from the day before as I discussed this with my competition team. Now the following is not my absolute opinion or thoughts as I could go on and on for hours. I could also spend hours having an open discussion about it as well. This simply serves as a thumbnail sketch on the topic. Hope you get something out of it.

A person’s character is defined by what one does and not necessarily what one says they are going to do or what one says who they are. True character is being their original self and not stealing others’ ideas, talents, identity, character traits, and so on. They say imitating is the highest form of flattery unless someone steals from others only to make themselves look better and to make those they steal from worse. True character is having confidence in their own self and not having to use someone else’s name to put yourself up. True character is not trying to tare someone down in order for you to look better than you really are. True character is playing by the rules and not searching for wears to cheat in order to win over those that play by the rules. When one cheats, they may end up winning but in reality they lose every time because they are ultimately cheating themselves and living a lie. True character is taking the resources that they have been given and help others and not to be selfish and use for strictly their own personal gains. When in a position to help out many people, one should be selfless and use resources for what they re meant for. True character is accepting what is and not blaming others for the outcomes in which you may encounter because of your down falls. Take the blame and move forward. True character is standing up for yourself yet not when you feel you don’t have to follow the rules that everyone has too. True character is not about how many wins or loses you have. It is not about being seen a great person. It is not about obtaining as many material possessions as you can. It is not about showing off to others. It is not about elevating yourself over others. No, it is quite the opposite. It is about being humble. About working hard. About playing by the rules. About being true to yourself and who you really are. Being a kind person. A person who can inspire others through true acts of character without any thought of self imagery. Not doing so is simply cheating yourself.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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