Good Morning

You all know that on Saturday May 7th is the 2nd Annual WBA Ontario Breaking Championships right?

You also know that it is happening in Port Hope at the Port Hope Rec Centre Fall Fair Centre, yes?

If you didn’t know, you do now…

But that is actually old news. What I am talking about is something cool. Well actually a few cool things to be exact.

One, our community living students will be breaking at this year’s tournament again. Love seeing these guys grow and develop. Mr Jeff Morrow does a wonderful job with them.

Two, there is going to be a New World Record Attempt happening. Four Team Wolverine members will be doing a four person team world record to break 200 boards in the fastest time possible with a hammer fist. The team members are Michael Liscio, Brady Clarke, Darren Everson, and myself. This will be the fifth world record for Team Wolverine and fourth world record for myself.

We also have Grandmaster Ralph Bergamo, the co-founder of the USBA/WBA coming up from Connecticut to officiate the record attempt. Also USBA/WBA Local Director from Pennsylvania Grandmaster Paul Hickey is coming up to compete. And a few other competitors from Washington and Tennessee will be making the trip up here to compete.

It will be a great day of competition, fun, and good memories.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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