Traditional Creative Double Nunchakus Course Has Arrived!!!

FINALLY… It is here, my Traditional Creative Double Nunchakus Online Course. I have been saying for maybe just little over a year or so that I was going to put together an online course teaching double nunchakus. I find as a martial arts instructor, you cannot reach everyone and help everyone with every little detail when it comes to learning the nunchakus. It is one of the harder weapons because of the nature of the movements and flexibility that other weapons do not have.

So I put this course together over the past few weeks, shooting numerous strikes, blocks, spins, and combinations I thought everyone needed to know to be good at the double nunchakus. I put all my teaching experience and my own personal experience with the nunchakus into each lesson to make it as easy as possible. I tried to cover multiple ways to teach each move to hopefully reach everyone.

Course Includes:

– Over 4 hours of instructional videos

– Over 15 Strikes and Blocks

– Over 20 Spins and Manipulations

– 20 Combinations ranging from Beginner to Advanced

– and much more…


Master Jonathan Field

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