2 Beginner Sparring Drills To Improve Your Kicking | Self Defense For Women

Today’s vdieo goes over 2 beginner sparring drills you can use right now to improve your kicking while sparring. If you are in Taekwondo, Kickboxing, or another martial arts style that includes kicking in your sparring, these drills are for you. Knowing how to kick properly in sparring can be a little tricky at first for beginners but with a little practice, you will learn how to go with the natural flow of how the body wants to move while performing kicks. You can generate a lot of speed and power with good kicking techniques, combined with some flexibility and agility. Kicking is also a valuable tool when it comes to self defense for women. Again the legs are super powerful and can do a lot of damage to your assailant if attacked, therefore creating opportunities to escape the self defense situation.

Master Jonathan Field

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