3 Easy Beginner Kickboxing Focus Mitt Drills | Part 6 of 12 | Self Defense For Women

Learn these 3 Easy Beginner Kickboxing Focus Mitt Drills you can use to improve your fitness or self defense striking skills. These Kickboxing focus mitt drills are good for developing self defense skills while getting in some great conditioning with a partner. With practice, you will develop solid self defense strikes that you could use to defend yourself or in your next sparring match. These defense strikes are also taught in our women’s self defense workshops and seminars. This video covers the cross, hook, rear leg roundouse kick combination with the variations of adding a jab, as well as a leg check, or checking a low kick.

Ma’am Cheryl Sanders and Master Jonathan Field of Empowered strive to help women and young girls build confidence and find their inner strength through defense and empowerment training. They teach self defense for women, safety tips for women, women empowerment, and provide women’s self defense workshops, online self defense tutorials, and fitness training. Check out the links below for more women’s self defense techniques, safety tips, and much more…

Master Jonathan Field

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