Catching The Leg Beginner Sparring Drills | Self Defense For Women

Learn how to catch the leg in these beginner sparring drills helps you to control what kicks are thrown at you during sparring as you make your opponent question which kicks to throw. These beginner-friendly sparring drills also help you with your self defense skills as you will learn how to catch a kick and throw your attacker off balance. This will give you the opportunity to escape the situation. In sparring, it is common in various martial arts styles to catch the leg to set up takedowns and effective counter strikes.

Sparring in itself is unpredictable as most self defense situations are. Martial Arts styles such as taekwondo, where you do a lot of sparring, are more practical for self defense because you aren’t just drilling with theory. You actually learn what sparring skills and self defense skills work for you. This is a key point we teach in our self defense for women workshops.

Master Jonathan Field

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