Clinches and Holds – Beginner Sparring Drills | Self Defense For Women

This video goes over clinches and holds in these beginner sparring drills. It is important for a beginner to get grabbed during sparring drills to get you use to having someone in your personal space, which can be quite uncomfortable for most. Learning how to do clinches and holds teaches you how to control someone else as well as how to escape these sparring techniques. These sparring drills can really help you develop good self defense skills assailants trying to control you. Clinches and holds are an element in most styles of sparring. As we all know, in order to be really good at defending yourself, sparring training is a key element. Sparring in itself is unpredictable as most self defense situations are. Martial Arts styles such as taekwondo, where you do a lot of sparring, are more practical for self defense because you aren’t just drilling with theory. You actually learn what sparring skills and self defense skills work for you. This is a key point we teach in our self defense for women workshops.

Master Jonathan Field

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