Who here reading this blog has a cup of coffee on their way to work in the morning? Or perhaps a few cups to several cups of coffee every day from your favourite coffee stop or shop?

Do you realize that a few lower end cost coffees a day is probably setting you back about $3-$4 daily at a minimum? That is about $90-$120 minimum per month of coffee.

Now if you are a smoker and you smoke one half pack of cigarettes a day, that would cost you around $6. Over a month you would be spending around $180 a month.

Now I am not saying either one of these is good or bad for you. Just pointing out the cost of what you are spending so when you say I cannot afford this or I can’t afford that, you can see where some of your money goes that you probably do not think of.

Now let’s say that you wanted to do something good for yourself like taking a Taekwondo or Martial Arts class for example. If you are able to spend money on coffee or cigarettes each month then you are able to afford something that would truly add some value to your life.

Or you could also spend that money on eating healthier foods and getting rid of the crap foods you do not need.

I see it like this. Money is energy since we can not own it. Energy comes to us and it goes. We can choose how we spend some of this energy. So we can choose not to put energy in one area of our life and put it into the other areas that would be good for us.

I may be a little biased here however I do believe two of the best things you can do is eat healthy and do / join a martial arts program like taekwondo because of the fitness, health, self defense, learning, and confidence building aspects. Anyone can do it and you can’t hardly afford not to do it.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do



Good Morning

And yes it is a good morning because I am feeling good spite being busy all day with various tasks such as teaching, training, office work, meetings, intros, orders, and so forth. You would think i would be tired putting in 14 hour work days and training at 5:30am but I am not. I got energy.

I have more energy nowadays because I have adjusted my habits once again to better suit my lifestyle and goals. I have really hard hard on making sure my nutrition is topnotch. Always a work in process and slowly getting better all the time. I have recently adjusted some of my sleeping patterns to get the most out of my sleep which makes a big difference. I have started up practicing meditation again. I have been off and on with meditation for years but have committed to a daily meditation practice. I am monitoring my daily feedback in order to improve my meditation techniques. I also have adjusted my training routines to better improve myself towards my goals and to allow my body and mind to rest for better recovery.

All of this is just small like things that I change over time so that they become positive habits that help me live a better life. Anyone that is interested in discussing any of this, feel free to ask away.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do


Well I am a few days out from completing a 60 day Healthy Mind and Body program that teaches you to focus on your Mind and Body. I have to say I feel pretty good after completing this program. It allowed me a little bit of time each morning to truly focus on being healthy both in my mind and body through focusing on why I am doing what I am doing.

I am also in the process of reading a few books on how to sleep better as well as a book on water. Both fascinating reads.

It is quite amazing how much actually goes into the overall health and wellbeing of our bodies and minds. There is a lot to look at however it should never feel overwhelming. Tackle it one piece at a time like I do. That way you can create new healthy habits and get rid of the old unhealthy ones. That is the secret right there.

If you decided to take one step or change one habit each week, after a year you would be 52 steps ahead or 52 habits better. That adds up big time when it comes to your healthy mind and body. And this is all easily manageable because you took it one step at a time. You can also make adjustments as new research comes out as well as you experimenting what works for you and what doesn’t.

But anyway I am feeling pretty good because I am taking care of myself so that I can better take care of others.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do


Why eat healthy foods?

Well… why should you not eat healthy foods?

Eating healthy foods has many benefits for you.

1. Helps improves your energy

2. Helps maintain good health in your various bodily functions

3. Keeps your organs healthy and strong

4. Helps you sleep better

5. Helps you focus better

6. Makes you feel good

7. Helps with your performance

8. Easier on your gut health and digestive system

9. Healthier for the environment

10. Helps improve the quality of your life

11. It is cheaper

And I can probably go on and on… But you get the point! Right?

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do



Good Morning

Well it has been almost two months since I started my new nutrition, supplement, and workout routines and I must say that I am feel great. I have more energy and feel less stressed. I dropped about just over 6% body fat and put on some lean muscle mass. My cardio is getting better since my injury and my strength has increased steadily lastly.

I have pretty much always eat pretty healthy but I needed to up my nutrition game and I am glad I did. Both from an athletic side and from an overall longevity standpoint. I want to be as healthy as I can for as long as I can. I still want to be able to practice and teach martial arts when I am in my 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. I want to age slower but keeping ky body and mind healthy.

I have recently shared what I have been doing with a few students and formal students and they are sharing the same type of results. It is nice to see other people with lots of energy and feeling good about themselves.

Your personal nutrition really does effect how you live your life. Something to think about.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do


Good Morning

Well it has been just over 30 days since I started a 30 day cleanse to get rid of toxins in my body and to get rid of the little bit of unhealthy foods that I still assumed. Just ver 30 days since I changed my supplements around and started drinking more water than I use to. Two weeks since I changed up my weight training routines as well as implementing new stretching routines after my morning workouts. All of this has added up to me feeling great, having more energy, and less soreness after workouts. I am also down about 4 percent body fat and gained a few pounds of muscle.

I will keep you posted as I continue my journey.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do


Good Morning

Does your morning routine set your day up for success and stress free for the most part or does it set your day up for chaos?

Your morning routine helps sets the tone foe the rest of your day. You have the power to start your day anyway you want it to be. The question is how do you want your day to start and continue for the rest of the day?

My morning routine goes something like this

  • Wake up and go to washroom
  • Grab my protein shake and start working out
  • Finish working out and finish protein shake
  • Post something inspirational on social media
  • Post something I am grateful for on social media
  • Have a shower and get dressed
  • Eat my breakfast and brush my teeth
  • Arrive at work by 7:00am or a few minutes after
  • Write a blog and post it
  • and etc

To the most part I can do this routine 6 days a eek without little disruption if any at all. I have carefully designed this routine for many years and it seems to work for me. I get stuff done that needs to get done. I wake up motivated. I keep myself in shape. I feed myself good foods. I try to spread a little motivation and inspiration in the morning as well.

If you current morning routine doesn’t quite work for you or it could be better, what are the changes you can make to make this happen?

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do


When you work out, are you keeping tracks of sets, reps, how much weight, how long you ran, and etc,. ?

Do you know what you did last workout so you can do a little more this workout?

Do you write down one workout to the next so you can keep track of your progress?

If you are, good! If you are not, why not?

Physically writing down what you did workout to workout will help you achieve your goals by showing you your progression. Showing you what is working and what is not working. It makes you more accountable for your training sessions. It helps takes the guess work out of going to the gym and figuring out what to work on. If you want to achieve your goals it is important that you know where you have been and where you want to end up. You need to write down a clear map of your journey.

So if you are not tracking your workouts you might want to consider starting today. All you need is a pen or pencil and a notebook.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do


I came across this link yesterday. Even though the man that did this experiment used Coke as a vehicle, I believe the real valuable information lies in what sugar does to you. Check it out.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do


Exercise vs. Training? What is it that you do?

Some people exercise and others train. The different between the two is that when you train there is a sense of purpose why you are training.

Training requires that you have a goal or goals that may be to; lose weight, gain weight, improve cardio conditioning, improve endurance, increase muscle mass, get stronger, get more explosive, get more powerful, become more flexible, learn a new skill, and so on. Exercise is more loosey goosey. Training is more geared towards working towards a specific goal where as exercise is a little more generalized. Both training and exercising is good for you. Sometimes you exercise and other times you train. Just know the different so you can achieve your goals more easily.

training vs. exercise







Master Jonathan Field

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