Here you will find various testimonials from students and clients of my various services.


“After many years of being bulled at school I enrolled my son in Cobourg Tae Kwon Do. The schools either looked the other way or had a blind eye to what was going on. Not wanting retaliation against him, he would not speak up against the bullies. This was not simply teasing as he ended up with a broken finger and a concussion. Alan took classes and with guidance and support from everyone there his confidence level increased. All the students in his classes were more than willing to help him .The greatest part was even though Alan was a white belt just starting the more experienced students with black belts treated him as an equal. This helped him see himself in a different light. Eventually he was able to stand up to his bullies and his attitude has drastically changed. I would recommend taking taekwondo classes to anyone that wants to boost confidence and fitness as this has certainly helped my son.” – Thanks  Robert Field

“I joined Cobourg TKD because I needed to challenge myself more and improve my self confidence as well. As a young Lad I had taken martial arts before and never stuck with it long enough to achieve any rankings. I feel that earning my yellow belt was a great accomplishment for me, and has set me on a path to become the best I can be. I really enjoy going to Cobourg TKD because of the people. Not only are the instructors skilled but they make training fun with their up beat and positive energy and sometimes they add a bit of humor to the mix. I feel that if anyone wants to learn Tae Kwon Do that incorporates other Martial Arts to broaden the students spectrum, and a fun positive atmosphere, than Cobourg Tae Kwon Do is the place to train. Thank you Cobourg TKD!” – Patrick, PJM Plumbing

“My son joined Cobourg Tae Kwon Do when he was 8 years old because he wanted to be a ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle”.  He is now 13 and we are very pleased with his physical, mental and emotional development as a result of Master Jonathon and the sense of community he inspires.” – Rob

“My parents signed me up when I was around the age of 4 and they wanted me to stay healthy and active. My favourite thing about taekwondo was that everyone was very encouraging, helpful and it I always had a great time when I went to the club! I have achieved 4 black belts, a stronger core, leadership, empathy, and courage. I think someone should join because when you first come you feel right at home, everyone is very encouraging, very helpful, and lots of fun. Cobourg taekwondo was like another family to me, and Master Jonathan Field has really been there for me.” – Charlotte

“I started tae kwon do at the age of 3 because my mom thought it would be good for my confidence and it would be a good workout.  I love doing high kicks on the black bag and I also like learning about self defense.  Tae kwon do as given me lost of self esteem.   In my 8th year in tae kwon do I made it to 2nd degree black belt and also had a chance to compete in a world wide championship in Florida.  I think people should join because they can learn to defend themselves and others and help with their discipline and/or self esteem and confidence.” – Ismael

“I started because I wanted to try what it is like. I like how I’m learning how to defend myself and it is a fun workout. I believe I can achieve anything if I set my mind on it. I also learned that the time is now and you can’t take it back. I recommend Taekwondo because it’s a fun way to get fit and it’s not a boring routine that you do everyday in the gym.” – Teen Girl

“I was new in Cobourg at the beginning of September 2010, as fan of Taekwondo, the first thing for me was to find a taekwondo club in the city. With some research I found Cobourg Taekwondo. As soon as I started training with Master Jonathan I saw the great potential. He is personable and professional. He encourages his students by teaching them the great tenets of Taekwondo which are: Integrity, Perseverance, Courtesy, Self-control and Indomitable Spirit. Even after class, we can benefit with his teaching through his blog and Facebook page. A little while after I started training with Master Jonathan I had chance to earn my 3rd Kukkiwon Black Belt Dan. That was a great achievement that I could be proud of. In addition I am now preparing for my 4th  Kwan style Dan grading. For me, it is the right place that everyone who wants to learn Taekwondo and to “Become a Champion of Life”.” – Youssoufou

“I joined Cobourg Tae Kwon Do in January of 2008, after hearing an advertisement over my car radio. At that point in time, I had recently started online courses for Lakehead University and I was in need of another hobby and an opportunity to make new friends, as well as a new experience and learning environment.

There were numerous things that I enjoyed about Tae Kwon Do: particularly the forms and board breaking, as well as the opportunities I had to travel to distant cities and compete with my colleagues. These cities included Guelph, Scarborough and also Orlando, Florida, for the ISKA US Open world championships.

Thanks to the useful training I received while studying under Master Field, I was able to achieve impressive results at the Guelph Olympic Tae Kwon Do tournament, held on March 29th, 2008. There I achieved second place in forms and third in men’s beginner sparring. Next in line were the 2009 and 2010 ISKA US Open world championships held in Orlando, Florida. I chose to compete in a variety of events, including power and creative board breaking, as well as the traditional forms and weapons events. I have so far received two second place finishes, two third places, one fourth and two finalist results.

There are numerous reasons as to why more people should consider taking up Tae Kwon Do, either as a life choice, or as a hobby. Tae Kwon Do has been a great challenge for me, both physically and mentally. If you are looking for a challenge, I would certainly recommend enrolling at Cobourg Tae Kwon Do. I would say that the most important lesson I have learned during my years if studying at Cobourg Tae Kwon Do is that you are never too old, or too young to begin your training”. – Scott

“I started because my dad was a member and he thought I would like it so I joined up. The thing I like best is the workout at the beginning and how in shape you can get by going regularly. I also like the self defense moves and combos we are taught. I have achieved a very good state of physical fitness. I think someone else should join because it is lots of fun, the people and the instructors are great and it will get you in great shape.” – Alex

“I would watch TKD class before kick boxing & found it so interesting that I wanted to try it. The class was doing really good work but also enjoying it as well. The best part I would say is the comradely and the way that everyone is so willing to help others. No one ever makes fun and the laughter is mutual. I have achieved self pride in doing something that I was sure I could not do and surprised myself by not giving up. I am proud to tell people I am part of Cobourg TKD. It’s fun, lots of help so you can achieve your goals, very nice helpful people at the club, most excellent way to get in shape.” – Joanne

“I am so happy I joined Cobourg Tae Kwon Do. I first started doing kickboxing I was really enjoying that. I then decided to sign up for Tae Kwon Do. I am so happy I did. I have met some awesome people and made some great friends. I was a little worried about the time as it starts at 7. I don’t usually get home much before that. I bring my unifrom and change at work. Even if I am a bit late for class it is still worth going. I love it because it gives me a goal to work towards which is my black belt some day. Every one there is so encouraging and helpful. We joke around a bit but still get work done. It is so worth the time and effort I am able to put into it. It is also an awesome way to get into shape.” – Lisa

“I joined Taekwondo classes at Cobourg Tae Kwon Do because it would help me raise me self confidence and self esteem. I have made more friends and have gotten my green belt in Taekwondo. I like the classes because they are a lot of fun. I would recommend it to other people because they will have a lot of fun doing the taekwondo classes.” – Suzanne

“I joined Cobourg Tae Kwon Do because it would keep my mind and body healthy and to learn a martial arts style that is from my home country of Korea. I have learned to be constructive, to use time wisely, to cooperate with others, and never to give up. I like the patterns, one-step sparring, and the positive vibe of the classes. I would recommend it because it is a fun way to keep your mind and body strong. Once again the vibes in class are amazing. You will definitely feel welcomed. The instructors are very nice. For kids you learn the basic manners, learn how to control yourself, but at the same time, you’re having fun.” – Teen Black Belt


“I started in the fall because I wanted to lose weight and try something new and challenging. I like the variety of exercises that we do and how it always pushes me.  I have lost 15 pounds and now I can do 30 standing push ups where as before I could only do 4!! People who want a challenge, make new friends and have fun should join!”  – Naomi

“I started fitness kick boxing because I saw results on those I knew who were doing it, and I like the challenges of pushing myself in an environment that allows you to achieve your goals at your own pace. What I like best about this program is the ability to move at your own pace and the sense of comfort you get from not being in a competitive environment. Personally I have achieved better flexibility, stamina and balance, as well as some weight loss and better definition. Others should join if they want to get a workout that pushes their limits and shows results almost immediately when it comes to personal strength and endurance. Fitness Kick boxing is an affordable program where you get far more for your money than any gym can provide.” – Thomas

“I started to loss weight and get fit. Also it’s a great price and the schedule is flexible which I need in my line of work. I like how channeling the work out is, even after going for 6 months it is still hard to finish. I have lost inches (fat) and also gained strength and cardio It’s fun and gets you into shape, builds confidence and strength. I really enjoy your class!” – Abby

“I started going to Cobourg Tae Kwon Do about a year ago. I wanted to get back in shape and CTKD was recommended to me by a friend. I’ve taken the fitness kickboxing classes and the kettlebell classes, and they are both amazing. Master Field is an unstoppable force of energy. Each class is different and that keeps things exciting. I would recommend CTKD to anyone looking for a fun way to get in shape.” – Laura

“I started kickboxing at Cobourg Tae Kwon Do when a friend of mine encouraged me to go.  I was hesitant at first but she was so enthusiastic about the class that I eventually gave in and decided to give it a try.  From the first class, I was hooked.  It is the best workout I have ever had and it’s available at a very reasonable price.   Every class encompasses cardio, strength training, and core stability through a variety of activities.  I like that Jonathon targets different muscle groups in his classes so that by the end of the week, I know that I have had an excellent all-over body workout. For me, fitness kickboxing has ultimately helped me develop stronger muscle tone, increased my endurance level, and challenged me to push my fitness limits.  If you are looking for an exciting, comprehensive, weekly workout program, I would encourage you to join.” – Nancy

“A few months ago I started fitness kickboxing to really get into shape and improve my overall fitness. After just the first night I was hooked and couldn’t wait to go back again. Within weeks I was able to do more then before and seeing results so quickly was extremely motivating! I really love the high energy classes and how satisfied I feel walking out of the class each night. After two months of taking the class multiple times a week I have been able to see a huge difference in my stamina and strength. I have also gained a more positive outlook on working out and keeping both my body and my mind healthy. I think that anyone who is looking for an exciting, high intensity work out that will make them feel and look great should join the class as soon as possible, they won’t regret it!” – Jenna

“I fell in love with martial arts at a young age. I joined Tae kwon do where I met Jonathan as he was starting out in his TKD career. After several years I had achieved my black belt. Due to life circumstances, I never really had the time to train. Many years had gone by, and one day a friend had suggested taking Kickboxing at Cobourg Tae kwon do. Jonathan was now the owner/instructor and to my surprise, he remembered me from years ago. I had recently been asked to be in my friend’s wedding, so we started kickboxing together to get into shape for the big day. We have been “hooked” ever since. Since I have an unpredictable work schedule the morning or evening classes have made it possible to attend 3 days a week. Jonathan makes every workout different and fun with various mixed martial arts equipment. I feel a real gravitational desire to attend the classes. It’s an extremely enjoyable and always intense workout. I have so much fun and have noticed such a difference in my appearance, energy level, muscle tone and endurance as well as flexibility. If you want to enjoy and feel incredible after each workout with no martial arts background needed. Kickboxing class at Cobourg Tae kwon Do is such an awesome workout for all fitness levels. You get out of it what you put into it. Now I enjoy the Kettlebells and Taekwondo classes too!!!” – Sarena

“The same as many people, I started the year out with a resolution to begin living a healthier lifestyle through both diet and exercise. I began looking for a fitness class that would challenge me and introduce me to a new health and fitness routine. My sister suggested I join her to a Fitness Kickboxing Class at Cobourg Taekwondo. I enjoyed the high-energy class immediately. Throughout the weeks I began pushing myself harder and surprisingly began alleviating stress through the kickboxing workout. With the added push…I mean help of Jonathan and the other members of the class I was able to achieve a much higher satisfaction with my overall health, body and energy level. Each session is different and you’re always learning something new as Sir incorporates new combinations into the workout. It’s a great class for someone who is interested in an effective workout that will challenge you physically within a positive and encouraging atmosphere.” – Kim

“I started Fitness Kickboxing because it was a fun new way to workout that I could do with friends. I didn’t have to push myself to stay committed to the class. I like the instruction best. Knowing that what the exercises you do will help your overall fitness level. I’ve achieved not only a sense of self defense but improved muscular endurance. Other people should join because it’s a fun way to meet new people, get active with you friends and have fun while getting the results you want.” – Maggie

“Within three years, I had four children, so you can imagine what kind of shape my body was in. I knew that I would not have the motivation or time to join a gym and do my own cardio and weight lifting. So I decided to join the kickboxing and kettlebell classes Jonathan does. I don’t have a lot of extra time in my day, so I love that within an hour, I feel like my whole body has been worked. I also love that you can start seeing results pretty quickly if you go regularly. I feel like I have more energy and feel much more confident about myself. I would have to say I am in better shape now then I was before I had my children. If you want the motivation to loss the weight and get into shape and have more energy, then I say join now! It’s a great environment to workout in and the hour goes by quickly (and not to mention the classes are offered a lot during the week to fit into a busy schedule).” – Jillian

“I join to keep in shape over the winter and kept going because it challenges me every time which many other programs do not. I like how we do different exercises all the time and the challenge to do better. I definitely have become stronger. Never could do 30 pushups before 🙂 Other people should join to keep fit and it’s a great welcoming place so people don’t feel intimated, it’s for everyone and it’s fun to socialize while getting a great workout! Thanks Jonathan you’re awesome! 🙂 – Chloe

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