I Wrote A Book

Yes, you read the title correctly. I wrote and published my first book back in May of 2020, which became an Amazon Best Seller.

It’s called EMPOWERED: Essential Concepts and Strategies Every Woman Should Know About Self Defense.

During the first lockdown for Covid-19, I found myself with some free time not having to teach physical taekwondo classes. Only a few classes in the evening online.

And after talking with one of my students and friend, Ma’am Cheryl Sanders, I decided to write Empowered. Which later on would be the name of the self defense and empowerment company that Cheryl and I co-founded.

But I digress. Cheryl and I were talking and I asked her about what she would want in a self defense book for women, her being a mother of three daughters. She told me what she wanted. So the concept of the book was a easy to ready self defense book that a mother or even a father could ready in a few hours and then pass down to their daughter or daughters to read. Then they could have an open discussion afterwards about the concepts and strategies in the book.

Cheryl even wrote the foreword to the book for me. Which is pretty cool.

So Empowered is full of concepts and strategies to teach women and young girls about how to see potential dangers before they occur and what to do to avoid them, as well as what to do if they happen. There is plenty of real life examples sprinkled throughout the book from either my own personal experiences or the experiences of the women I know or have had conversations with.

There is even a pretty cool main storyline that runs throughout the book. Definitely a must read.

So do yourself a huge favour and click on the link below to go ahead and purchase a copy. And if you happen to send me a screenshot of the receipt, I will send you a free bonus to help you understand and implement the concepts in the book faster.


Master Jonathan Field