Flash is Trash without good fundamentals. A quote by XMA founder Mike Chat

This statement is very true. If you can’t grasp the basic fundamentals all the fancy stuff you try to do looks like trash.

One must have the understandings of the basics and fundamental concepts in order to progress to the more advanced and fancy skills. If you don’t you will not understand the flow and the nature of how things fit together.

It’s the same principles you can use for life and anything else you do. Focus more on understanding and less on showing off. I would rather watch someone who has mastered the fundamentals and can show off their understanding versus someone trying to do fancy moves that they really don’t understand.

There is beauty in simplicity.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do


Mastring the basics and fundamentals is key to everything we do in life. It takes a lifetime of conscious focus to learn and apply. A topic that really should never get stale.

It seems too many people are in a rush to learn the “basics” so they can learn the more “advanced” stuff. What a mistake this is. The basics are more important than the advanced stuff. How I see it is that there really isn’t such a thing as advanced, only a advanced way of looking at the basics.

The basics are the fundamentals of everything. Rush through them and you will never really become advanced. You’ll be a person trying to show off the skills that you really don’t have.

One can spend years and years just working on the fundamentals and still really never truly master them. It’s something that you have to work on continuously or you will lose them.

Something I find very beautiful about the basic fundamentals is that you can be given a slightly different perspective on them and it can change everything you know about them. This is where advance thinking can come into play.

A person who thinks they are no longer learning has not yet begun to learn. They are missing out on a whole world of learning that they do not realize they are missing.

Focus on the basics and the advance will come by itself naturally.

Master Jonathan Field