JUNIOR MESSAGE OF THE WEEK: Best School Year Ever part 5

This week’s junior message isl Best School Year Ever part 5

So over the past few weeks we have discussed a few ways we can make this school year the best school year ever.

We talked about having goals, and having a plan to achieve those goals. We talked about who can help you achieve those goals.

To achieve the goals you wish to achieve this school year you must have the discipline and dedication to follow through.

Just simply having goals, knowing who can help you with you goals, and etc is not enough.

You need the discipline to follow through. Meaning that no matter what you will get done what you say you will. You must be dedicated to following through.

If you set out to do something then do it. Make no excuses. If there is challenges in the way, figure out how to overcome them. If you need help, ask for it.

There is many ways that you can succeed. You just have to what to succeed badly enough.

Make this school year the best ever. Challenge yourself to doing so.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

JUNIOR MESSAGE OF THE WEEK: Best School Year Ever Part 3

cobourg tae kwon do best school year ever part 3This week’s junior message is; Best School Year Ever Part 3

So the last two weeks we have discussed some of the things we can do to make this school year the best ever. One was setting goals and the other was on homework. Today let’s discuss who can help you make this school year the best ever.

Everyone at some point needs help to accomplish their goals. Whether it is just a little bit of help or a lot of help. There is no shame in asking others for help. SOmetimes we need help when we don’t understand something. Or we can ask for help when we have too many things to get done and need a little help getting them done. As long as you are willing to do your part, asking for help is a good thing. It can allow you to accomplish much more than if you did it yourself. A group of people can accomplish far greater things than one lone person. Team Work.

So who can you ask for help to help make your school year the best ever?

  • Your Teacher
  • Your Parents
  • Your Friends
  • Your Principal
  • Your grandparents
  • School Guidance Councillor
  • A tutor

There is plenty of options out there for you. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. And don’t be afraid to give help if you are asked.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

JUNIOR MESSAGE OF THE WEEK: Best School Year Ever Part 2

cobourg tae kwon do junior message of the week best school year ever part 2This week’s junior message is part 2 of; Best School Year Ever

Last week we discussed have many different goals for the school year. Among those goals was getting your homework done. That’s an awesome goal to have but let’s go into a little more detail on that goal.

You should have a specific plan as to when you do your homework. Not everyone is the same or has the same schedule or here is a little of times that might work for you.

  • Right after school when you first get home
  • After you have a snack when you get home
  • 30-60 minutes after school to relax a bit and recharge your batteries and become more mentally alert again
  • Figure out how long you can focus on your homework at a time and take mini breaks as needed

Also it is important to have a specific spot that allows you to get your homework done. A place that offers little to no distraction. This allows for a routine. The sooner you get your homework done and correctly the sooner you can enjoy your free time and to relax your brain. Too much thinking as well as too much exercise and activity can be bad for you. Gotta find a balance.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do