One of the duties of a parent/guardian, a teacher, an instructor, a leader, a mentor, and etc,. is to help develop strong children.

I am not just referring to building physically strong children but also mentally and spiritually.

We all should take great pride in building our children up or the children we work with up.

Our goal should be to help children develop into strong adults with good morals, high self esteem, good health, and be able to roll with the punches.

We ought to give children lessons that challenge them on many levels so they can learn to problem solve and overcome any obstacle that is presented to them.

Sometimes it may be hard to see children struggle a little but that is all apart of developing into strong adults. It’s no good to completely shelter and baby a child.

Obviously you need to protect your children from the bad stuff. You’d be crazy not to. However some of the things you may call bad may not be. Children need to experience a certain amount of things on their own in order to develop strong.

Facing hardships, disappointments, and etc,. is not a bad thing. Children learn to react to these challenges by how we react to them. So how do you react to them? Are you calm and cool or do you get all upset and fluttered? What messages are you sending out to the children saying that your behaviour is okay?

Our goals as society should be to create a strong next generation of smart, talented, hardworking people that can arise and overcome and and all challenges with such grace that we can all inspire to be like.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae kwon Do