Good Morning

It is one month until Christmas. The day in which we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ as well as a day to spend with loved ones and exchange gifts.

The question I have for you is…

What kind of gifts are you going to be giving?

I hope you are giving gifts that comes from the heart… You know the ones that you actually put a lot of thought into… Something that really shows that you care.

Gifts that come from your heart, gifts that help others out, gifts that can improve someone’s health, gifts that can help others financially, gifts that make someone feel really good about themselves.

Also how about giving gifts to the local giving tree, toy drive, stocking drive, or food banks? There is plenty of people in need during the holidays that would really appreciate a gift of love. And…

Don’t forget about the local pet shelters that need food and toys for all the animals that are waiting to be adopted… They need some Christmas cheer as well… We all do! Let’s make this Christmas and every Christmas special for everyone you know as well as those you don’t know.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do