Self Defense Moves Against Bear Hugs – Self Defense for Women

Ma’am Cheryl and Master Jonathan cover two self defense concepts you need to know against bear hugs at a recent taekwondo black belt test. The two self defense principles covered in this video are framing and dropping your weight while being attacked.

Master Jonathan Field

One Step Self Defense Drill from Black Belt Testing | Women’s Self Defense

Ma’am Cheryl and Mater Jonathan explain this simple One Step Self Defense Drill at a recent Taekwondo Black Belt Testing. The self defense drill goes over some basic defenses against straight punches.

Master Jonathan field

WATCH These Self Defense Videos

WATCH These Self Defense Videos recommendations by Master Jonathan and Ma’am Cheryl of Empowered. These self defense videos cover weapon self defense, women’s self defense, looking and acting confident, and more…

Master Jonathan Field

5 Self Defense Tips for the Airport That You’re Probably Not Doing

This video goes over 5 Self Defense Tips for the Airport That You’re Probably Not Doing and should be to help keep you safe while traveling by flying. We all take for granted that most of us will never need to defense ourselves but you can never be too prepared just in case. Traveling increases the likelihood that something could happen so implementing these self defense tips while at the airport will help reduce the risks of something happening to you.

Master Jonathan Field

Ma’am Cheryl’s Creative Breaking Highlights | Self Defense for Women´┐╝

This video is a preview highlight reel of Ma’am Cheryl’s Creative Breaking routines from the 2016 to 2018 Ontario Breaking Championships held in Cobourg and Port Hope Ontario. Ma’am Cheryl uses a lot of basic self defense strikes in her board breaking routines.

Master Jonathan Field