The Comfort Zone

Good Morning Everyone

Here’s a pretty important topic I think that has affected all of us at some point and probably still does for quite a few. Today’s blog is on The Comfort Zone.

If you take a look at the diagram above you will notice there is two small yellow circles in the middle of two larger grey circles. These yellow circles represent the Comfort Zone. The grey circles represent the Unknown Zone. You will also notice there is a little stick man standing instead of the yellow circles. You are going to say that little stick man represents YOU. So you are standing in the middle of your Comfort Zone in the circles on the bottom right of the diagram. What does this mean? Well if you noticed the circles on the bottom right are smaller than the circles on the top left. The smaller circles represent staying within your Comfort Zone and never really adventuring out into the Unknown Zone. This limits you. If YOU were the person in the center of the circles in the top left you have a larger Comfort Zone and an even larger Unknown Zone. This person has stepped out into the Unknown ZOne and therefore has expanded their Comfort Zone but also has increased the Unknown Zone.

Okay let me go into a little more detail about each zone. The Comfort Zone is the zone in which you are comfortable with. You feel safe. You known everything in this zone and it makes you feel at ease. It’s probably daily routines, familiar people, same old job, lack of trying new things, being obsessed with always being comfortable, and etc,. The Unknown Zone is where everything magical in life truly happens. This is a place where you have no idea what might happen. There is new experiences, new people, new learning experiences, potential for failures, pain, suffering, discomfort, anxiety, adventures, and etc,. So you can see the Unknown Zone can be kind of scary right? Well this is where everything really happens in life.

Almost everything really good in life happens when you do not know it is coming or you don’t know how it can happen. There is so much more to the world that presently exists in your comfort zone. In the unknown zone lies so many opportunities to learn new things, go on adventures, meet new people, improve your health and fitness, expand your thinking, chances for huge success, and so so much more. It’s exciting, refreshing, and just plain awesome really! The more you step out of your comfort zone the larger the comfort zone becomes as you get use to putting yourself out into the big bad scary world. You zone realize its’ not so bad. When you grow your comfort zone your unknown zone becomes vastly larger there giving you more opportunities for awesome things to happen.

But there is so many people afraid to step into the Unknown Zone. They are afraid of the potential failures, the potential pain and suffering, and the potential disappointments. It takes courage to face what you are afraid of you conquer it. Why take the chance of missing out on some pretty cool things in life cause you are afraid of some potential downfalls that you do not know whether or not they will happen or not? Your focus should be on all the potential awesome things that can and will happen. All the most important things in life happen in the Unknown Zone. All the advances that humans have made over our history are a result of so so many people not being afraid of stepping into the dark and creating a new light.

In my own personal life and the lives of my students I have seen many enhance their lives when they stepped out of their comfort zone and into the unknown zone. The quality of life improved, they gained new strengths, experience new things, have had adventures they normally would not have had, meet new friends, learned things they thought they would never learn, and so much more.

Going back to the two circles here, which little stick person do you want to be? The one in the small circles with the limited possibilities or the stick person in the larger circles that have unlimited possibilities? I’ll leave you with that final question.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do Ltd.