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I just wanted share a few videos of testimonials from some of our students and parents. If you would like to do one, send me the file and I will upload it to youtube.

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Exercise vs. Training? What is it that you do?

Some people exercise and others train. The different between the two is that when you train there is a sense of purpose why you are training.

Training requires that you have a goal or goals that may be to; lose weight, gain weight, improve cardio conditioning, improve endurance, increase muscle mass, get stronger, get more explosive, get more powerful, become more flexible, learn a new skill, and so on. Exercise is more loosey goosey. Training is more geared towards working towards a specific goal where as exercise is a little more generalized. Both training and exercising is good for you. Sometimes you exercise and other times you train. Just know the different so you can achieve your goals more easily.

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Master Jonathan Field

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A day of worrying is more exhausting than a week of work. Yup I totally agree with this one.

We all know this to be so true. Everyone has spent some time in their lives worrying about something and when it comes down to it, the worrying was for nothing. Worrying can really effect our physical bodies. I can cause all sorts of health problems. Worrying can cause mental issues as well.

I have always said “Don’t worry about what you cannot control/” Easier said then done right? I agree. Learning not to worry does take some or a lot of practice especially if you are a person that “likes” to worry. I find you just have to stop thinking about what is causing you too worry. Mainly keep yourself busy with other more important things or just learning to relax.

Once you realize in your mind that there is nothing you can do about what you are worried about you will be a little more at ease. What ever is going to happen will happen. Don’t concern yourself with it until you have too. Instead go do something that you enjoy. Have some fun.

Master Jonathan Field

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