Uppercut Punches For Fitness And Self Defense

Uppercut punches for self defense, strength, endurance, and cardio conditioning and fitness. Using light dumbbells while performing uppercuts or rolling uppercuts is a great conditioning exercise that you can add to any fitness routine. Uppercut Punches with dumbbells works the muscle of the shoulders, chest, back, and arms (biceps and triceps). Great for women’s self defense and learning how to defend yourself while working on your fitness and conditioning. Taught by Master Jonathan Field and Ma’am Cheryl Sanders of Empowered.

Master Jonathan Field

Cross Body Punches For Self Defense and Fitness

Cross Body Punches For Self Defense and Fitness to help increase the power of your self defense punches and upperbody strength. Using light weights or light dumbbells while performing cross body punches will increase your strength, endurance, and fitness levels while working on your self defense punches and self defense strikes. Taught by Ma’am Cheryl Sanders and Master Jonathan Field of Empowered. Cross Body Punches For Self Defense and Fitness can help with women’s empowerment because of the self defense skills learned and strength gained.

Master Jonathan Field


imagesMakes sense right? Or does it?

What I see this statement as is a warning to prepare yourself for darker days to come or future rough patches. It’s basically self defense in others’ terms.

See self defense is not just about being physically able to defend yourself from a physical attack. That is such an outdate concept. Don’t get me wrong here. It is very important that we know how to defend yourselves and our loved ones from physical harm. However self defense is so much more.

Self Defense can be that you financially prepare for the times when you may not have as much money coming in and you can still pay the bills and live comfortably.

Self Defense can be learning to know your surroundings and knowing who’s in it so you don’t get surprised by an attack.

Self Defense can be being well educated so you have a clearer educated mind to tackle some huge obstacles in your life.

Self Defnese can be eating healthy with quality foods so you prevent certain health problems and diseases.

Self Defense can be staying physically active and fit so you can live a longer more active lifestyle when you retire.

Self Defense can be producing less garbage as to protect and maintain our environment for future generations.

And the list can go on and on. Understand what I mean? You are smart so I know you do.

Master Jonathan Field

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