1 Hour Long Workout Motivational Speech/ Epic Music Mix

Good Morning

I have been listening to this video during some of my workouts lately. I find some of it quite motivating and some of the speeches relate to all aspects of life. Check it out.



Recognize  this? Do you or someone or several people you know do this all the time? If everyone was like this or took up this attitude nothing would ever get done. Okay we all do it once in awhile. That is okay. Sometimes we just need a break and sometimes life happens. However don’t become the person that relies on this and never gets anything done. Your friends, family, social and business networks will deem you unreliable. Your relationships will suffer. Everything you do may suffer or cease to exist.

Choose to get stuff done. No matter how big or small. How unimportant it may seem. Just get it done. Be motivated. Be passionate. You can get a lot of things done whether you like them or not by simply being motivated and passionate. Excel at the things you enjoy doing and learn to become good at the things you hate to do because those things you hate to do may actually become things you like to do once you are good at getting them done. Now that’s taking a negative and turning it into a positive.

Master Jonathan Field

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