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This weekend at the 2015 USBA/WBA Hall Of Fame Banquet and Tournament, we are doing a tribute to the late Grandmaster Elton Trower who passed away a few months ago at the age of 79. We are going to honour the life of a man and martial artist like no one has ever seen before. So I thought I would share with you a video from one of his demonstrations from the Arnold Festival from 2011. You will notice the strength and power he has in his hands and especially in his fingers to be able to do the things he does in this video. Such a powerful but gentle man. He has inspired many martial artists. Me being one of whom he has inspired. For this I am going to be setting a new world record of breaking boards with the tips of my fingers at the HOF tournament. A world record inspired by Grandmaster Trower. Please enjoy the video.

Master Jonathan Field

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Good Morning

Here is a cool video on Youtube of Grandmaster Elton Trower. It’s a piece that a news program did of him. Gives you a very small idea of how powerful he was and what kind of a man he was.

Hope you enjoy!

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do


It is with great sadness to let everyone know that Grandmaster Elton Trower of Virginia has passed away last night.

The world has lost a great person, a great martial artist, and competitor. He was a kind man who was very generous of his time. He always took the time to talk to everyone and share his knowledge and stories. He worked a lot with patients with brain damage. He also did a lot of training with the police forces, military, and self defense for women.

The man was a loving father to his daughter and a great companion to his partner Karen Smith.

He was a larger than life person. Being in his present you felt something special. He was a unique and genuine person. You knew when he was talking to you or showing you something that he truly cared who he was talking to. He was always in the moment with the people around him. He was always smiling with such passion in his eyes.

He was a great martial arts gradnamster who spent some time in Japan training under the Masters there. He possess skills that wondered everyone that watched him. His strength didn’t come from the physical sense even though he was physically strong. His strength came from his mind and his heart, the true inner strength that is rare at his level. He could do breaks that no one else on the planet could do. He was a sheer joy to watch. Simply amazing.

I will miss my friend greatly. Please Rest in Peace sir

Please enjoy a few videos of Grandmaster Trower



Okay so yesterday I wrote about Grandmaster Trower being inducted into the USBA/WBA’s Breakers Hall Of Fame. Here’s the link if you missed yesterday’s blog.¬†http://masterjonathanfield.com/2013/10/28/usbawba-hall-of-fame-banquet-and-tournament-part-1/

Today I want to tell you a little about why Mikaela lavoy and I went down there. We were both nominated for some awards and were asked to attend the banquet but were not told what we were nominated for. So we went down with Mikaela’s mom Amber and two of my other students, Charlotte Kerr and Patrick Marvin.

Mikaela ended up with membership award certificate for being dedicated to breaking and the USBA/WBA as well as a plaque for most improved breaker.

I ended up with a membership award certificate as well for being apart of the USBA/WBA for as long as I have. I also won a plaque for my Dedication to Martial Arts and Breaking. They also presented me with a World Record Certificate in a really nice frame for setting a new world record back in July 2013 in Orlando Florida.

There was various other awards being given out for most memorial breaks, competitors of the year, and etc,. It was a great night of honouring the best breakers in the world.

Here is a few more pictures from the banquet. Part 3 should be tomorrow with the tournament results. Hoping to have pictures and a video for you.




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Sorry for the late blog post today. Just got back from Norwich Connecticut last night at 1pm.

Anyway the USBA/WBA held their 1st Annual Breakers Hall of Fame Awards Banquet and Tournament this past Saturday Oct 26th and Sunday Oct 27th in Norwich Connecticut at the Holiday Inn. Mikaela Lavoy and I were both nominated for awards at the banquet but we’ll talk about that later. We also brought down Charlotte Kerr and Patrick Marvin for the tournament and Mikaela’s mom Amber Gray drove us both ways and was good company.

But this blog is not about that. I wanted to talk about the Hall of Fame Awards Ceremony/Banquet. It honoured many breakers in various aspects like Most Improved Breaker, Dedication to Martial Arts and Breaking, Competitors of the Year Awards, Visionary Award, and a few others. There was also one inductee into the Hall of Fame.

This man was Grandmaster Elton Trower. He is a phenomenal breaker who has inspired many breakers, has taught us about the science of breaking, and is one heck of a competitor. But more important than all that he is a great person and martial artist. I could not thing of anyone more desiring to be the first inductee into the Breakers Hall of Fame than Grandmaster Elton Trower.  Congrats!!

Mikaela and I with Grandmaster Trower
















master Drew Serrano and Grandmaster Ralph Bergamo inducting Grandmaster Elton Trower into the Hall Of Fame








All the award winners with Grandmaster Trower


















Master Jonathan Field

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