It takes 524 burpees to burn off 1 large fries. Choose wisely.

This statement basically refers to the fact that you cannot out exercise your diet.

Your nutrition and your exercise have to go hand and hand.

You cannot exercise all the time and eat poorly. It’s not good for your health.

On the other hand you cannot just eat healthy and not exercise. This can also be bad for your health.

Nutrition and Fitness are partners. They have to work together. The best way is to find a balance between the two were it fits your lifestyle.

And yes it’s okay to treat yourself once in a while. We all do otherwise we all go crazy!

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You hear a lot about how fruit is so good for you but what are the benefits? Here are some of the benefits of some of the fruits we have available at our local grocery stores.188454_383568628416694_845160055_n

Sources of Veggie Protein

Here is the top ten sources for veggie protein. This helps if you are not a big meat eater or not into protein shakes and supplements.7278_452224154852092_407812684_n


I thought I would share this picture showing some foods that can put you in a better mood when you consume them.539141_509185755805620_2113545883_n

Wolverine TV: Season One Episode Thirteen

Welcome to season 1 and episode 13 of Wolverine TV with Master Jonathan Field, 5th Degree Black Belt and 5 Time Martial Arts World Champion
– Conditioning: Stretching and Punching with Weights
– Martial Arts, Taekwondo: Practicing Nunchakus
– Health and Nutrition Tips: Benefits of Sleep
– Interview: No interview this week
– Teaching: Master Jonathan teaching what self defense is
– Ask Jonathan: Best piece of fitness equipment

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WOLVERINE TV: Season One Episode Four

Wolverine TV: Season One Episode Four
February 2, 2013
Welcome to Episode 4, Season 1 of Wolverine TV with Master Jonathan Field, 5th Degree Black Belt and 5 Time Martial Arts World Champion
– Conditioning: Working Out with Pulling Muscles
– Martial Arts, Taekwondo: Kicking, front kick, axe kick, crescent kick,butterfly kick, tornado kick, kicking combos
– Ask Jonathan: Why do we chamber differently for sparring than we do for patterns/forms/poomse?
– Health and Nutrition Tips: Macro Nutrition Basics Part 3
– Interview with a Student: 2 time world champion Mikaela Lavoy

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