Hey Everyone

I have been quite busy over the past month or so writing and getting my new book ready for release. It’s all about how to improve your martial arts sparring using the tools, skills, and strategies I go over in the book. There is also a sparring plan that you can implement the various skills and strategies into your sparring game so you can learn how to outthink your sparring partners or opponents and score more points.

The book is scheduled for the official launch of.Monday August 22nd but you can pre-order your kindle version at the links below for a generous discount off the soon to be regular price.

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Hope you enjoy!

Master Jonathan Field

(VIDEO) How To Practice Taekwondo Sparring At Home

Good Morning

Here is a video I did on how you can practice your taekwondo sparring at home when you are not in taekwondo class. The video gives you a few different tips on how you can make your practice time better.

Master Jonathan Field

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