Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace.

Easier said then done right? I agree. But we need to make a conscious effort not to allow others negativity effect who we are or how we react to their behaviors.

The only place we can truly have peace is within side of us. Our inner peace. A place where no other person can go or belong except yourself. It should be held as a sacred place. Why allow the things that don’t belong there in there?

The practice of not allow others into our inner peace starts by only allowing positive behaviors and happenings to enter into our sacred place. Minimize the negatives as it is impossible to truly keep out all the negative. Allow the negative to come and go without such in depth thoughts. Rather you should linger on the positive.

Also you have a choice on how you view others behaviors and what is happening around you. You can choice to view things as a positive, a negative, or what it really is and that is neutral. It’s how we interpret everything that makes it one of the three. Inner peace with ourselves allows us to make wiser decisions on how we should allow behaviors of others to affect us.

One must also realize that we only have control over ourselves and no one else. No point in worrying or focusing on others when they are in control of what they do.

With focus and practice you can simplify the thought process involved in this. Only allow what you want to affect you. You have the right to allow positive or negative into your life but which one do you want to focus on?

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do