Reality Of Knife Attacks – Discussion About Real Knife Self Defense

A discussion About Real Knife Self Defense and the Reality Of Knife Attacks. Real Knife fights and self defense situations are nothing like what Hollywood movies show them to be. The Reality Of Knife Attacks is very messy, unpredictable, and extremely dangerous to your health. Knowing how to defend yourself against a real knife attack takes a lot of training and at the end, the best defense is leaving the situation as soon as you can without engaging with the knife or your attacker.

Master Jonathan

Two Defenses Against Knife Held To Your Throat | How To Defend Against A Knife

Ma’am Cheryl and Master Jonathan go over Two Defenses Against Knife Held To Your Throat. They go over how to defend against a knife from a few different hand positions. Learning defenses against a knife is an important part of your elf defense training you should never overlook. Dealing with a threat of a knife is very dangerous and knowing how to defend against a knife could possible ave your life someday.

Master Jonathan Field


I came across this vide last week and really enjoyed the concepts behind it. Then I realized from a master’s viewpoint that we were already teaching these in our self defense techniques and sparring techniques and drills. I see that all martial arts techniques are based on the same set of principles.

Enjoy the video

Master Jonathan Field

VIDEO of Knife and Gun Seminar with Shihan Larry Fields

Good Morning Everyone,

Here’s the video from the Gun and Knife self defense seminar Shiham Larry Fields did with our students at Cobourg Tae Kwon Do on Saturday March 29th.


Master Jonathan Field

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